Our WHY -- Experience is the Teacher

Our approach to leadership development is based on trusted research that proves leadership is learned primarily through experience.  At Moonshadow, we uniquely combine the expertise of adventure education pioneers with proven leaders who possess years of experience in corporate leadership development to create a highly effective experience-based approach to leadership development that has documented impact on the lives of leaders – enriching their lives, while they do good work and do well for their businesses.

Our HOW -- Leadership is a Journey

For nearly 30 years, we have been combining holistic assessments, proven tools and learning strategies with powerful experiences that are customized to address your individual, team and organization’s leadership development needs. We go with you on your leadership journey by serving as a trusted guide; providing expert coaching, ongoing performance support and acting as a thought partner on issues regarding succession management and leadership development.

Our WHAT -- Real Learning Involves the Whole Person

Moonshadow operates with the philosophy that learning how to lead should touch our whole selves. That philosophy colors all the work we do, whether it is a leadership or team development session, one on one coaching, an outdoor experience-based leadership session, or a strategic planning session.


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