Executive Coaching

Every person on earth receives “coaching” at one time or another, whether it occurs in the pursuit of sports, in learning a trade or skill, or in the course of learning life skills in a family setting. The basis of a coaching relationship is using the perspective of another person and their knowledge of learning and development to improve one’s performance. Moonshadow  provides coaching for workplace skills. Coaching in the modern sense has developed into a sophisticated, practical service that produces results in a relatively short time.  


Our coaches use a variety of tools to help you formulate a set of goals that you value and desire. Then over the next few months, your coach helps you track your progress, helps you identify stumbling blocks and obstacles and helps you develop strategies for addressing them. Take a look at our “What is Coaching” info below for a quick introduction to the process and then call us at (828) 508-4393 for a free 30 minute consultation to see if coaching can make the difference in your performance in work or life.

Job Performance Coaching

Businesses and programs today are having to develop internal resources as organizations are “flattened” in an effort to be more efficient. When people are asked to take on new duties or to assume supervisory functions, it often requires new skills. Bringing our coaching system to your organization guarantees that “rising stars” as well as “veterans” are supported and helped to take on new duties with a concrete plan that provides “supportive accountability” as they move forward.

Although some managers and supervisors can recognize the need for coaching for one of their direct reports, devoting the time necessary for that person’s development is often not feasible. The choice has been to let the person learn things the hard way (aka – the expensive way) or watch them fail. Now, with external coaching services available, you can bring in just the right amount of assistance for the situation. This helps control costs and avoids wasting good talent due to lack of time by leadership.

Some of the situations that successfully employ coaching services are:

  • A new employee is hired who has good skills but has not worked at this level of leadership before

  • A person has been recently promoted from front line ranks to management or supervisory duties

  • An employee is struggling due to factors not fully understood by the supervisor

  • A long time employee has had a performance drop due to “burn out” or feels unmotivated

  • A top leadership person has no one to act as an unbiased “sounding board” or objective listener for examining decision making

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