A Moonshadow Leader Immersion is an unusual, provocative, one-of-a-kind experience in task-oriented leadership, and an exercise in giving and getting the “gift of feedback” in a challenging setting.

Both new and veteran leaders are put in unfamiliar leadership challenges, with immediate feedback in a facilitated, intentional environment, supplemented by videotaping of their “session” as leader.  


What is Moonshadow Leader Immersion?

“Leader Immersion was unbelievable!  Most challenging was to give hard feedback.  The peer interaction was awesome.  I would love a Leader Immersion within my department.  I have built professional relationships with my L.I. buddies.”

Hospital Department Director, 2015

“The Leader Immersion showed my need to be more assertive—the feedback was great.  Meetings have been much better—they have stepped up their level of engagement”. (quote from a senior hospital administrator, 2015).

"Leader Immersion.  It was extremely relevant to back here at work.  A major discovery was that I have a 'D' I can put out there." (quote from a senior nurse, 2016)

The overall effects are often game-changing:   

  • The outdoor, unfamiliar, beautiful, fresh-air setting announces “this is a different type of training”.  It usually evokes intensity and engagement.

  • Leaders get a full dose of how they speak, delegate, organize, and involve the various members of their team.  Or how they don’t do those things.  They get to see themselves as directive or consensual, as bold or timid, as willing or reluctant, as risk-taker or conservative, as “teller” or “asker”.  No judgment, just great feedback, and provocative to think about and apply back at work.

  • Leaders learn how to give and receive feedback skillfully and honestly.

  • Everyone’s learning is enhanced by the unfamiliarity of the challenges, which might be to get the whole group across a wire between sets of trees, or between islands farther apart than can be stepped by the tallest team member!

  • These combined experiences often create extraordinary bonds between people, as they share a new, challenging, even scary, experience, and see each other on a new playing field.  The team bonding is often extraordinary.  

Here is how it works:

  • Usually at our outdoor Learning Center (but possible at your location), groups of 5-7 leaders, sometimes peers, sometimes at different levels in the organization, rotate through a full day of challenges in unfamiliar settings, each in charge of a 45-50 minute session.

  • Each leader’s session is videotaped.

  • After the 45 minutes, the group returns to their “Operations Center” for a facilitated, 15-minute debrief of that leader’s “performance”.

  • Each member takes on a new challenge, none of which is familiar to any of the group.  Typically this is an event on Moonshadow’s Challenge Course, completely different from normal work challenges in content but completely relevant to “how” one leads.  The metaphorical experience shows each person’s leadership behaviors, followership behaviors, and default tendencies under pressure.  Think “how you do anything is how you do everything”.

  • Followers must offer real feedback, which is often as uncomfortable for the giver as the receiver.  At Moonshadow we frame all such feedback as a gift, and we see one of our main jobs is to draw out such feedback.

  • At the end of the day, each person’s session is reviewed via video on a TV monitor, for a powerful second experience of feedback.

"L.I. was unbelievable!  Most challenging was to give hard feedback.  The peer interaction was awesome.  I would love a L.I. within my department.  I have built professional relationships with my L.I. buddies. "

“Leader Immersion helped a lot.  Made everyone so much more approachable.  Put us out of our comfort zones, made us more human to each other.”

Hospital Department Director, 2015

Department Director, Healthcare, 2016


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