Moonshadow Leadership Solutions, LLC, dedicated to partnering with organizations to build leadership capacity and capability, officially took the reins in January 2015, carrying on the legacy of Moonshadow Learning Services, Inc. 


Moonshadow Learning Services, Inc. began as Moonshadow Services in 1990 and was incorporated in 1995 when the business bought 6 acres of land for the construction of an outdoor learning center complete with classroom. Construction was completed in 1996.


The name "Moonshadow" was given to the business because the property was called by that name. The property actually got its name because of the intense shadows during full moon visits to the property before it was purchased. A great outdoor leader, Paul Petzoldt, was visiting with Earl and Kathy Davis, the original Moonshadow founders, when he remarked on the "Moon Shadows".  Shortly thereafter, someone began humming the Cat Stevens song "I'm Being Followed by a Moon Shadow" and the name stuck.


Our History

Today, ”Moonshadow” remains part of our story.  When Katy Travitz and John Burton founded Moonshadow Leadership Solutions, carrying on the name Moonshadow seemed a natural choice, as did continuing the use of wolves in our logo.  How wolves live in community, demonstrates our desire to be in community with our clients.  We choose to walk alongside our clients, shepherding their learning experiences. Wolves live in packs of 8 to 12, which we compare to the leader and management theory that says the most effective leaders have teams of 8 to 12 members; a fitting reminder of what helps make the best leaders.


Moonshadow Leadership Solutions is infused with energy, expertise, and commitment.  We work with leaders who recognize the need for change and are willing to make the investment to do so through a partner approach.  Our process can be a combination of live and virtual sessions and is always directed specifically by client needs.  Our guidance comes from our mission:  Making the world a better place by making better leaders.

Moonshadow Leadership Solutions LLC       Making the World a Better Place By Making Better Leaders                          

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