“Moonshadow, led by John Burton and Katy Travitz, has been incredibly impactful as we sought to build a more cohesive management team.  Their customized and varied approaches allowed our leaders to learn in different environments over time with each session building on the prior ones.  The result has been a leadership team more individually self-aware and more connected to each other with an understanding of the importance of a diverse approach to leading a complex organization.”

Steve Heatherly, CEO - Harris and Swain Hospitals

Sylva, North Carolina

Heather Johnson, Regional Coordinator Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Lakewood, Colorado

I have had the pleasure of working with Moonshadow for several years.  I recently did a workshop with John Burton and Katy Travitz and every participant went away saying the workshop was one of the best they had ever attended.   The expertise, creativity and effectiveness of these two providing experiential facilitation to our group was outstanding.  We will most certainly hire them again when we have further workshop and training needs.   

Bill Magee, Managing Director, Shaw Contract Sales, Australia with the parent company of Shaw Industries, Dalton, GA.

Our Moonshadow experiences lead by John and Katy have had a tremendous impact on our team members and ultimately our clients. Their practical teaching approaches are not the typical 1 time event based sessions that you forget once you leave the classroom. Our team members build upon the sessions and utilize the content once they return to the areas of responsibility!  

Lucretia F. Stargell, Vice President, Business and Service Line Development

Harris Regional Hospital/Swain Community Hospital

Moonshadow helped our group connect with each other and with ourselves. The time we shared with the Moonshadow coaching professionals created roots of discovery that have grown with us over the years. Recommend without hesitation that Moonshadow is an investment well-spent.

Scott Wilson, Headmaster, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN

"After more than two decades in educational leadership, I had come to realize during the past couple of years that I had lost both confidence in and enthusiasm for my work.  What “had always worked” for me was not working as well as in years past.  I was not serving my school as effectively as I aspired.  So, I reached out to John Burton at Moonshadow Leadership, and he agreed to work with me.  In short, the results of that work have been truly beautiful.  John helped me rediscover my love for my work.  He challenged me where I needed it, but he mostly gave me tools to find an authentic path forward with my leadership team and all of the many constituencies I serve.  When our formal sessions were finished, I decided to retain John for quarterly “check-ups,” and I look forward to those as well.  It is wonderful knowing that I have John Burton and Moonshadow Leadership in my corner."

Scott Locorini, Whitewater Challengers, White Haven, PA

We attended two separate workshops with Moonshadow, the last one designed just for our team at WC.  I feel like the workshop was extremely useful and think the team feels the same.  We are now confidently heading in the right direction thanks to John and Katy. Their attention from pre- to post-workshop goes well above and beyond stellar service!

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